B4Real White Paper

The Roadmap and Planned Platform Diversification

Jan-Jul 2022
  • Establishment and confirmation of agreements with strategic partners ✅
  • Development of the B4RE token ✅
  • Token code security audit completed ✅
  • Release of B4Real White Paper ✅
  • Establishment of social media communities and communication channels (Facebook, Twitter, Discord, YouTube, and Telegram), with a targeted combined reach of 5,000 members ✅
  • Implement initial outreach strategies including sponsorships (Aussie Crypto Roadshow) ✅
  • First 500 B4RE holders ✅
  • Establishment of governance frameworks, marketplace development guidelines
    and all internal policies ✅
  • Acquisition and association of required licenses and authorisations (Australian
    Financial Services License [Intermediary authorisation via Novatti Pty Ltd for Black Tie Digital, CAR via Orion Capital Partners under application], Licensed Real Estate Agency [all Australian states], Digital Currency Exchange License, Independent Remitter License) ✅
  • Initial design and development of technical assets for B4Real marketplace ✅
  • Deployment of B4Real site (b4real.digital) ✅
  • Begin design and development of prototype web and mobile apps ✅
  • Initiation of the seed round sales ✅
Jul-Dec 2022
  • Internal publication and review of Agent and Developer Handbooks ✅
  • Conclusion of the seed round sales ✅
  • Begin marketing, PR and advertising campaigns across both digital and legacy
    media, targeting Australian consumers as well as those in prioritised foreign
    territories ✅
  • Begin public sale via deployed B4RE crowd-sale smart contract
    (buy.b4real.digital) ✅
  • Growth of combined social media reach to over 30,000 ✅
  • First 2,500 B4RE holders ✅
  • Deployment of B4Real Credit Staking Contract (stake.b4real.digital) allowing
    holders to yield B4Real Credits (B4RC) ✅
  • Deployment of B4Real Property Showcase (homes.b4real.digital) highlighting
    selection of properties available for purchase using B4Real Credits (B4RE) ✅
  • Formalisation of partnerships with trad-fi lenders ✅
  • Deployment of B4Finance site (b4finance.digital) outlining lending products and
    facilitating loan applications ✅
  • Development and initial distribution of B4Finance Digital Lending Program ✅
  • Establishment of partnership with Australian Credit License holders and initial
    negotiations regarding credit representative status ✅
  • Increase platform visibility via further sponsorships (Australian Crypto
    Convention – Platinum) ✅
  • Establishment of Black Tie Aussie Property Fund focusing on the acquisition of
    Australian real estate (valuation ~$520M AUD) for tokenisation ✅
  • Review of blockchains appropriate for security token offerings (fractional real
    estate portfolios) ✅
  • Design and development of Black Tie Service Hub, including deployment of MVP
    portal for testing
  • Listing of B4RC token on DEX and CEX (in progress)
  • Conduct first private transactions using digital assets including B4RC (in
  • Continued development on the B4Real marketplace
Jan-Jul 2023
  • Continued testing of technical mechanisms and functions
  • Contractualisation of the first platform-extrinsic diversified real estate tokenisation
  • Update B4Real Property Showcase to best-practice real estate marketplace
    exclusive to properties accepting B4Real Credits (B4RC)
  • Deployment of web app MVPs for testing
  • Targeted growth of combined social media reach to over 65,000
  • Expansion of development, support and internal advisory teams as required
  • Initial onboarding of seed round investors from within the real estate industry
  • Increased advertising and marketing campaigns, with a focus on highly visible
    and distinguishable publicity and PR
  • Listing of B4RE token on multiple DEXs and CEXs.
  • Deployment and hard launch of Black Tie Service Hub
  • Deployment and soft launch of B4Real marketplace (including fractional),
    including the conduction of privately arranged transactions
July-Dec 2023
  • Hard launch of B4Real marketplace
  • Consolidation and expansion of strategic partner network
  • Conduct first consumer/member feedback surveys
  • Perform feasibility studies on overseas expansion, with initial targeted
    territories being Canada, New Zealand and the United Kingdom
  • Begin tokenisation of Black Tie Aussie Property Fund
  • Prepare and submit an application for direct AFSL and ACL accreditation in
  • International expansion into a wide range of territories, subject to legal and commercial suitability
  • Implementation of advanced features and diversification of the platform as outlined below
    • Deployment of B4Real mobile app
    • Development and refinement of further analytics provision to sellers
Platform Diversification
Digitisation of Contracts of Ownership via NFTs and Smart Contracts:
Although the real estate industry has already embarked across a radical and admirable program of modernisation through digital platforms such as PEXA, there is still room for improvement by harnessing the inherent power of the blockchain.
NFTs provide such qualities as immutability, accessibility, and transparency, while smart contracts can be utilised to ensure a secure, trustless environment, to decrease friction within transactions, and reduce reliance on third parties, therefore reducing the costs incurred during the course of a transaction.
The development and adoption of these forms of contracts will be highly dependent upon governmental support and an increase in interoperability between independently regulated marketplaces, such as states within Australia.
These frameworks will also have to be independently tailored for each territory, in order to comply with all appropriate legislation and requirements.
Disrupting the Rental Market with DeFi:
Although most holders of digital wealth are likely to look to diversification through ownership, there remains a class of holders who are resistant to engagement with traditional finance and ownership structures.
These holders are likely to look upon real estate ownership as unattractive and would prefer to rent rather than own, in order to retain their holdings and perhaps divest from crypto into other asset classes such as commodities, bonds or trading cards.
Similarly, some holders may not have the requisite wealth to purchase a property, even via the available lending mechanisms.
It is to cater to these consumers that B4Real intends to further investigate the feasibility of creating a crypto-enabled property rental marketplace.
This may be further enhanced by the utilisation of external DeFi protocols to create a platform whereby staking rewards can be used to make rental payments, freeing the holder’s fiat or other incomes for investment or personal expenses, as well as creating an automated payment system for unparalleled convenience.
However, further study is required to ascertain the viability of, and demand for, such a platform.
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