The Staking Contract and B4RC

In line with the B4Real platform’s ethos of assisting as many individuals as possible to buy their own homes, we have developed a unique staking contract protocol (available here), which rewards participation and engagement with the B4Real platform by token holders.
The staking contract accepts B4RE tokens via a standard browser-accessible Web3 UI, and provides rewards in the form of B4RC, or B4Real Credits, at a rate calculated as an established annual yield.
These credits can then be used by holders as part-payment towards a wide range of properties available from our real estate development partners.
It is our significant networks, history and relationships with our development partners which allow us the leverage to enable this payment format.
By acting as a volumetric sales aggregation platform and a marketing distribution channel to a motivated captive market, the B4Real platform and the Credit Staking contract will allow for both significant reductions in operating costs and increased revenue potential for developers, thereby incentivising the uptake of B4RC payment acceptance by owner-vendors.
When used as part-payment towards a property purchase, one B4RC will always be calculated as contributing $1 AUD towards the property.
There are no fees to stakers, holders or users of B4RC, other than developers who accept B4RC as payment.
In this case, 100% of all B4RC which is used towards payment on a property will be burned by the property vendor upon settlement, avoiding the creation of an ever-inflationary token economy.
B4Real will track quantities of B4RC burned per vendor, and in turn allocate benefits to those vendors at a fixed ratio, with a primary focus on allowing discounted access to overall B4Real platform services and functions (particularly with a view to allowing fiat payment for services at an equivalent rate to payment in B4RE).
The B4RC staking contract yield will be calculated based on the valuation (in AUD) of B4RE upon listing, with B4RC always being calculated at $1 AUD per token.
Prior to the B4RE token being listed, B4RE will be calculated at a fixed rate of $0.50 AUD per token, in line with the crowd sale price and target listing price.
Listing is initially anticipated to take place on a P2P CEX. This will allow for fair price discovery by the market without the requirement of significant liquidity provision and limits the necessity of market-making services.
It also provides a conveniently understandable UX (relative to a DEX, for example) through which potential B4RC buyers can interact with the economy and easily on-ramp fiat holdings.
A DEX listing will also be pushed forward concurrently.
The yield from the staking contract has been initially calculated at a rate of 20% APR.
This figure has been set by Black Tie Digital after careful consideration of the market capacity, potential liquidity influx and anticipated demand.
This figure may change in response to market pressures, particularly in relation to the market value of B4RE once listed.
However, in order to mitigate some of the volatility inherent to the crypto economy, the smart contract will also set a floor price of $0.50 AUD for the staked B4RE tokens.
Should the market value of B4RE rise above this price point, the staking contract will recognise and reflect the market valuation.
In this way, it is anticipated that the staking contract will offer an unsurpassed method of reward provision to members and supporters of the B4Real platform, with a strong focus on assisting those entering the property market such as first home buyers.
As part of the initial iteration and deployment of the overall B4Real platform and feature set, a limited-functionality marketplace will be deployed while the core marketplace is under development, to allow for OTC property transactions to be performed utilising the yielded B4RC.
An MVP showcase of available properties is currently live at