B4Real White Paper

The Tokens

B4Real Token:
Token Name: B4Real Ticker: B4RE Max Supply: 50M tokens Max Circulating Supply at Listing (including seed round): 20M tokens (40%) Allocation:
  • 10M (20%) seed round
  • 10M (20%) crowd sale
  • 5M (10%) allocated for future sale revenue and community rewards via a
    bonding curve contract (see note below in ‘Special Vesting Schedule’)
  • 5M (10%) marketing
  • 5M (10%) development
  • 3M (6%) community
  • 5M (10%) team
  • 3M (6%) partnerships, advisors and ambassadors
  • 3M (6%) liquidity
  • 1M (2%) bug hunts
  • Seed round A: $0.20 AUD (5M tokens)
  • Seed round B: $0.30 AUD (5M tokens)
  • Seed round C: moved to ‘Special Vesting Schedule in response to market
  • Crowdsale and listing: $0.50 (10M tokens)
Vesting Schedule:
  • All seed round sales vested until 90 days after token listing (Jun-Jul 2023)
  • All tokens held for internal use (Marketing, Development, Team) will be vested within a time-locked smart contract, releasing 5.55% of allocated tokens every
    month for eighteen (18) months after listing.
  • Special Vesting Schedule: The 5M tokens which are allocated for future sales
    revenue and community bonuses will be vested within a time-locked smart contract for six (6) months after listing. At the end of this period, these tokens will be re-vested into a smart contract that uses on-chain oracles to track price movement across all exchanges upon which B4RE is listed.
The smart contract will release 200,000 B4RE every time the token value increases by $0.20 AUD (tracked utilising a high watermark format), of which 50% will be returned to B4Real, 40% redistributed to B4RE holders (with allocation determined by the percentage of circulating supply held), and the remaining 10% provided to charitable organisations (with allocation determined by application and lottery as needed).
This is intended to show a commitment to sustainable growth over time, as well as reward community members for their early-stage support.
The starting value will be determined at the time of release from the initial vesting contract but will be no less than $0.20 AUD greater than the exchange-listed value at that time.
The initial time-locked vesting period is required to allow for the token to be listed with multiple exchanges in order to utilise fair and transparent oracle protocols.
Blockchain: Polygon (ERC-20)
Mechanisms: 10% assignment to liquidity provisions from any fee-paying transaction received by designated B4Real wallets
B4Real Credit Token:
Token Name: B4Real Credits Ticker: B4RC Max Supply: Unlimited Max Circulating Supply at Listing: unknown
• 100% of the supply allocated to community members
Pricing: initial DEX listing will be calculated based on price discovery after the P2P CEX listing, with an anticipated range of $0.50-$0.80 AUD
Vesting Schedule: N/A
Blockchain: Polygon (ERC-20)
Mechanisms: 100% of tokens used as payments towards properties sent to burn address