B4Real White Paper

The Black Tie Service Hub

As both a precursor to the main marketplace, as well as a concurrent ongoing offering, the Black Tie Service Hub is designed to provide ongoing back-end support to primarily real estate and finance industry participants who want to engage with the digital asset economy.
The services available through the Service Hub will be integrated into the B4Real platform as it is built out, but the operation of a separate Service Hub will allow for platform engagement by non-real estate industry entities, or by real estate industry participants who choose not to utilise the B4Real marketplace as a channel.
Services offered directly to clients via the Service Hub will include:
  • Digital Funds Escrow, Conversion and Remittance
  • Asset-Backed Security Token Services
  • Crypto-Backed Commercial Loans
  • Corporate Crypto Education Services
  • Crypto-Focused Asset Marketing Services
  • Cryptocurrency Due Diligence Checks (AML/CTF) via partner providers
While the development of the Black Tie Service Hub will be branded directly under Black Tie Digital in order to allow for effective engagement by a variety of industries and sectors, it is anticipated that the majority of participants will come from the property sector, with the largest secondary contingent being from various financial industries (including and especially brokers, mortgage managers and lenders with exposure to the real estate industry and/or the crypto economy).
The prioritised deployment of the Service Hub not only allows for increased flexibility in targeted offerings but also allows for shorter rollout timeframes, as an early iteration of the overall platform with highly leverageable functionality.
The Service Hub itself will integrate where possible with client CRMs and databases via APIs for more efficient access, tracking and increased transactional clarity, but the broad scope of potential clients (and their associated technologies of choice) will require a large degree of functionality remaining within the Service Hub and its associated feature set (dashboard etc).
Interoperability prioritisation will be given to functionality that will be directly integrated into the B4Real platform, and therefore the real estate-specific applications and tools to which the B4Real platform will in turn be linked.